Protected: Dear Trevor

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Dear Fear, Pain and Identity: please meet my Inner Ninja.

9 years old, ‘training’ for my first Tri. The swim was all of 200 yards, and the 8 laps felt daunting. A six mile bike ride – epic. The .25 mile run, though – I looked forward to it, because it was blessedly simple. No scary starting blocks or flip turns or dismounts or other…

Roasted Squash Soup

I’m somewhat obsessed with this soup. It reflects my somewhat obsessive general nature.. I’m also somewhat obsessed with my InstantPot, which is SUPER original and pretty much dumps me into the ranks of the rest of America. But. Back to the soup. I’ve been eating it 4+ nights a week for months – I switch…

Two truths and a lie

I’m not sure how to answer the ‘how are you?’ question. I recognize that the appropriate answer is, most of the time, I’m fine, thanks. How are you? This is what people expect to hear, what they are prepared to digest. And I AM fine, relatively and mostly. I’m breathing, walking, carrying about in the…

Sucking up sunshine.

Like a flower. I do stretch upward to meet the sun. Dog-face and I, we’re headed out. The balmy freaky weather is yellow and playful and infinite. (I am aware that, big picture, really scary environmental things are happening. But damn, the sun feels good.) Hokas laced up, Kygo in my earbuds. Cheap stunner shades….