Sucking up sunshine.

Like a flower.

I do stretch upward to meet the sun.

Dog-face and I, we’re headed out. The balmy freaky weather is yellow and playful and infinite. (I am aware that, big picture, really scary environmental things are happening. But damn, the sun feels good.)

Hokas laced up, Kygo in my earbuds. Cheap stunner shades.

My mental pre-run (or trot or stroll or ‘yogging’) checklist of essentials is constantly re-curated. Lately, it’s:

  • Gum (I’m on a watermelon kick – I rotate thru a few brands. Prevents short-run thirst.)
  • Bose SoundSport wireless headset – my current #1 pick
  • Foster Grant ‘Vera’ sunglasses (Always. I have a few pairs. Cheap. Lightweight, not annoyingly bouncy.)
  • Big juicy apple (I could pen an ode to the Fuji’s from the Farmer’s Market right now. Crisp, sweet-tart, fragrant.)

I’ve fallen from the practice of writing.

A decade-plus has lapsed since my last stab at spewing my guts on the page. For me writing is an exercise in foraging for truth, in seeking some sort of resonance and connection.

I’m rusty.

There are all of these things I want to tell you, strange and beautiful and heartbreaking things. But now, right now – I’ve gotta get out.



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