Roasted Squash Soup


I’m somewhat obsessed with this soup. It reflects my somewhat obsessive general nature..

I’m also somewhat obsessed with my InstantPot, which is SUPER original and pretty much dumps me into the ranks of the rest of America.

But. Back to the soup. I’ve been eating it 4+ nights a week for months – I switch up the toppings and cannot seem to get sick of it.

I keep getting asked for the recipe, which presents a problem because I don’t really use them. I usually use this stuff. Amounts vary – it’s produce. It makes way more sense to use a whole squash than it does to use ‘2 cups’ or some other arbitrary measure. Scale to fit your instapot.

Roast this stuff first:
-spaghetti squash – 1 big or 2 small
-Japanese pumpkin/kabocha – peeled. ** About the same general quantity as the spaghetti squash – I microwave these first to make them easier to peel
-Onion/shallot/leeks/whatever’s around
-giant carrot or two

After roasting, put in instapot with:
-green apple
-giant piece of raw ginger
-some form of stock/broth (enough to cover the vegetables, usually 2 cartons)
-generous scoop of Mae ploy yellow curry paste (this has lots of salt)

High pressure 40 mins.

Get out your immersion blender. Blend the whole disaster until creamy.
Add a can of coconut cream **preferably the 70% coconut variety that’s just coconut and water
Blend more.

It freezes well in mason jars (3/4 full) – needs a quick re-blend after defrosting.

Nightly fresh toppings include: (not all at the same time, pick a few)

Broiled salmon
Cubed tofu
Shredded chicken
Shredded pork
Poached egg

Green veg:
Slaw of arugula/shaved fennel
Baby kale

Nuts/seeds (especially pumpkin and pistachio)
Butter fried sage
Crumbled blue cheese, Blood orange OO, flaked coconut…

Extra heartiness:
Roasted Brussels
Roasted turnips
Sweet potato cubes
Roasted beets

Sweet compliments:
Pom seeds (I’m obsessed right now)
Shaved pink lady apple (tossed in fennel slaw with lemon and OO)

(Skip if doing fried sage)
Italian parsley


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