Hello, My Name is ________

Hi, I’m Arianna.

I’m many, many things – we all are. Expert is not among the tiaras I wear.

I AM a life-long athlete, a trainer and coach. I cook mostly-healthy things and love to throw a party. I’ve tried just about every wellness trend that has surfaced in the last few decades, in my lifelong pursuit to live my Best Possible Life. Some of them have stuck (Spaghetti Squash, I’m looking at YOU) and some of them have been rather regrettable (I ate my share of No-fat packaged everything in the fat-free 90’s – and at one point I was pretty convinced that frozen yogurt was an acceptable meal substitute.)

For a few years, I dove into a career that involved extensive amounts of stress. I let poor sleep hygiene and a busy life take me really far left of center. I now can add ‘gained and lost a substantial amount of weight’ to my dossier.


I train balls-to-the-wall some days, I listen to my body and ratchet the intensity down a notch on others. I run almost every day, because running is what I DO. It soothes me, reminds me to breathe and laugh and watch for curbs.

I also struggle with eating disorders. The same things that afford me a measure of sanity and that I fully believe in (movement, paying attention to nutrition) trip me up: I have to be really vigilant and honest with myself to stay in a place of self-care and positive input, and to be aware of my inner perfectionist. Man, she’s a bitch.